The ANI delegation in Expo Milano 2015 visited infrastructure projects in North Italy

During Infrastructure Week at Expo Milano 2015, a delegation from ANI (the national infrastructure agency) headed by the agency’s leader, Luis Fernando Andrade, participated in an agenda that included visits to different regions of Italy to see some of the most important recent infrastructure projects in North Italy, and to participate in one-on-one meetings with representatives of companies in the sector to explore business and investment opportunities.

During the visit to Alto Adige, the delegation went to the Brennero tunnel, a project that will bring Austria and Italy together in a railroad link underground, which is considered one of the most important infrastructure projects in Italy. 

“The visit to the Brennero tunnel is of great interest because Colombia is thinking of a similar project to link the Magdalena Valley with the Rio Cauca Valley to facilitate the transportation of goods through Central Cordillera. This project has a lot to teach us in terms of technology, but also in the areas of environmental and social management,” said Luis Fernando Andrade, the director of ANI.

The delegation, a guest of the Colombia Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015, is in Italy to promote a 30-million-dollar-plus infrastructure development program pursued by President Juan Manuel Santos. In the last several days, this program was presented to 80 Italian investors and entrepreneurs by Colombian Vice President Germán Vargas Lleras during his visit to Expo.

The agenda also included a visit to the offices of the Leitner Group in Vipiteno, one of the main global businesses promoting cableway projects, and the same company that created the elevated railway MetroCable line in Medellin. “We wanted to understand the production system and different applications of their products. We saw, for example, that it is possible to increase the size of the cabins so they can carry more people. This seems like a great opportunity for us to have this kind of system in other cities in Colombia, especially those where hilly areas are being urbanized. It would be a very efficient means of transport,” stated Andrade.

During the week, the delegation also visited Genoa, where they were greeted by the mayor of that city and had a chance to meet the members of the Port Authority. In Milan, in the Colombia Pavilion, the delegation held one-on-one meetings with representatives of Italferr and the Wegh Group, businesses in the railroad field, where they discussed Colombian investment opportunities to develop this sector.

The government’s infrastructure program is a strategic measure for competition and development in Colombia, and it is one of the biggest in Latin America, as Vice President Vargas Lleras emphasized during his visit to Expo’s Colombia Pavilion. After six months it has welcomed 1.8 million visitors. This project was managed by ProColombia, following the guidelines of an Inter-Industry Committee made up of the President of the Republic and the Ministers of Commerce for Industry, Tourism and Finance.

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The ANI delegation in Expo Milano 2015 visited infrastructure projects in North Italy

During Infrastructure Week at Expo Milano 2015, a delegation from ANI (the national infrastructure agency) headed by the agency’s leader, Luis Fernando Andrade, participated in an agenda that included visits to different regions of Italy to see some of the most important recent infrastructure projects in North Italy, and to participate in one-on-one meetings with representatives of companies in the sector to explore business and investment opportunities.

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The Colombian Vice President presents in Milan a program for infrastructure development

The program, which involves all the transportation routes – roads, railways, harbors, airports, rivers – aims to strengthen the internal and international connections, and the competitiveness of the Colombian territory.

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Juan Valdez and Colombian coffee take center stage during the International Day of Coffee at Expo

The icon par excellence of Colombian coffee, Juan Valdez was one of the protagonists of the International Day of Coffee at Expo.

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Colombia is presenting its digital projects for the development of the agricultural sector at Expo

During an event in its own Pavilion in Expo, Colombia presented its projects in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for the development of the agricultural sector.

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The SENA delegation signs agreements and charms visitors with cooking shows and bar-tending lessons at Expo2015

The Italian mission of SENA (National Colombian Apprenticeship Service) for strengthening cooperation and partnership opportunities, ended with a visit to the Illy University of Coffee in Trieste, where an agreement for promoting the exchange of knowledge and technology was signed in a bid to help small Colombian coffee entrepreneurs enter the international market.

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Medellin, “the transformed city”, introduced at the Expo as the ideal destination for tourists and investors

The city of Medellin presented today, during an event held at the Colombia pavilion at Expo, its potential as an ideal destination to attract tourists and foreign investors.

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Biofuels in Colombia, the energetic alternative for a naturally sustainable country

At the Colombian Pavilion in Expo 2015 the National Federation of Biofuels presented the politics of the Country to give a push to this sector, as well as the benefits, the progresses and the potential of development for an advanced production of biofuels of second generation, which will allow Colombia to position itself in this field on the global scale.

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El Cholo Valderrama conquers the public at Expo with a great concert at the Colombia Pavilion

El Cholo Valderrama, one of the greatest representatives of Colombian folk music, enchanted the audience at Expo with an extraordinary live show in front of the Colombia Pavilion last night. The popular songwriter and singer, master of the traditional “joropo” genre, performed in an thrilling concert involving over 1,500 people crowding the Decumano to listen to his most famous songs, on the day in which Expo collected the highest number of visitors .

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Flowers from Colombia at Expo Milano 2015

Over twenty representatives and Italian companies of the sector, together with buyers from Spain and France, explored the investment opportunities in the sector of fresh flowers from Colombia during a day filled with meetings organized by Asocolflores, the Colombian Association of Flower Exporters , coordinated by the Colombian Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, and ProColombia, the cultural promotion and investment board in the Country.

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SENA, ready for the world. The National Apprenticeship Service at Expo2015

SENA, the main government institution in career training in Colombia, comes to Expo Milano 2015 to introduce its most important programs and share knowledge, technology development and agribusiness strategy with the whole world.

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Innovations in technology, environment and culture: a delegation from Bogotá meets companies and institutions from Italy’s Piedmont area and reinforces the collaboration with the city of Turin

A delegation of many industries from the Colombian capital, composed of the public-private agency Invest of Bogotá, the Chamber of Commerce, the Secretary for Economic Development and the Director of International Relations of the city of Bogotá arrived in Italy yesterday as a partner of the Colombia Pavilion at Expo 2015, and met Italian Piedmont companies and institutions today in Turin to discuss subjects of technological innovation, tourism and culture.

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The Colombia Pavilion enriches the “Fruit and Vegetable Festival” by offering more than 800 natural fruit juice samples

Today, the Fruit and Vegetable Festival was celebrated at Expo Milano 2015, and the Colombia Pavilion played a major role.

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On July 20th the Colombia Pavilion at Expo will celebrate its National Day to the rhythm of salsa music

On Monday July 20th, Colombia will celebrate its National Day in Expo 2015 with parades, music and tasting sessions. The Colombians living in Italy be able to celebrate this important date also here in Expo, which marks their Country’s independence from Spain, by meeting at the Colombia Pavilion to participate in a day packed full of events.

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England and Colombia launch the IFSec project at Expo to develop the agricultural sector

Today the British Embassy in Colombia has launched the IFSec cooperation project for Colombia and Paraguay at the Colombia Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015 in front of an audience made up by 20 British entrepreneurs in the sector. This is an advanced satellite system to improve agricultural production and guarantee the offer security.

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Cauca valley appears at Expo Milano 2015 as Colombia’s food pantry to the world

From June 24-26, a delegation of the Cauca Valley’s administration is present at Expo Milan 2015 to introduce the Italian and European public to the vast fruit and vegetable offerings the district can export and its potential to attract foreign investment, tourism development and its cultural specialties.

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Colombian cocoa in search of opportunities in Italy

During the Colombian Agriculture Week at Expo 2015, the delegations from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development had the opportunity to go to Piedmont, a worldwide renowned region for its traditions rooted in chocolate, to get to know the advances in the sector and look for new investment opportunities in this Italian region.

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The Port of Cartagena acts as a “gateway to the Americas” ​​for european companies in Expo Milan 2015

Port of Cartagena presented at the Colombia Pavillion the features and capabilities that have made it one of the best ports in the Caribbean for tourism and trade worldwide to an audience composed of representatives of the most important Italian and European shipping companies.

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Colombia will be part of the Multilateral Fund Agrolac 2025

Agrolac is the multilateral financial platform of the Interamerican Development Bank (BID). The news was announced by Alejandro Gamboa, executive director of the Presidential Agency for Cooperation of Colombia.

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Herencia de Timbiquí had Expo dance and sing with an exciting concert

The Colombian band Herencia de Timbiquí has captivated audiences at the Expo with an extraordinary live performance that took place last night at the Colombia Pavilion. For the first time in Italy, this group, which is the country's cultural ambassador to Expo, performed in a rousing concert of about an hour and a half.

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The irish president Michael D. Higgins praises the colombian pavilion “a fantastic journey throughout the country”

Colombia is one of pavilions chosen by Irish president, Michael D. Higgins, for his day at Expo Milano 2015. "Colombia is a Country that fascinates me a lot", said President Higgins, who, during his visit, told about his journey there in 2010. On that occasion he visited Bogota, Medellin, Cartagena and Buenaventura and – he continued his humorous recount amidst general laughter – he broke a knee, due to an accident. “It is a unique and joyful Country” confirmed his wife Sabina Higgins.

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Ivan Ramiro Cordoba was today elected one of the Expo 2015 Colombian Pavilion ambassadors

Ivan Ramiro Cordoba, today elected one of the ambassadors of the Colombian Pavilion during the Universal Exposition, has invited visitors from Italy and the rest of the world to discover the extraordinary natural diversity of his country. "This is exactly what inspires me to take my role of ambassador so seriously, I would like to reach out to the Italians who have never had the opportunity of getting to know Colombia, and invite them to visit EXPO so that they can discover all the beautiful and special things my country has to offer."

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Seminar on investment opportunities in the colombian agricultural industry organized by the Colombia pavilion at Expo Milano 2015

On the first day of the Colombian Agriculture Week at Expo Milano 2015, over 40 Italian investors discovered the investment potential and opportunities in the Colombian agricultural industry during the seminar organized by the Colombia Pavilion.

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Countdown for the Expo’s liftoff

Expectation travels through Milan just two days away from the Expo’s opening. Delegates from 148 countries look at the last details to assure an impecable inauguration next May first.

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8 european journalists traveled through Colombia’s thermic floors

As a preface of Colombia’s pavilion opening in Milano, eight journalists from Italy, France, Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom, invited by ProColombia, had the chance of traveling through different thermic floors that Colombia shows to the world in Italy. During ten days they got to know from Chingaza moor in Cundinamarca to Cartagena de Indias, passing through the coffee region, where they enjoyed the Coffee Cultural Landscape and had the chance to know the country’s  agro-industrial offers.

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Expo Milano: world’s legacy for food security

Expo Milano will gather, for 184 days, 20 million people that want to get to know the 148 pavillions, built specifically for this event that plan to make people think about food security and agricultural sustainability. During six months, 60 thousand people will vist the Expo every day, and almost 500 thousand people may arrive on weekends and high season (July to August). 60% of them will be Italian and the rest, foreigners. 1.5 millión china visitors are expected.

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