Aurelio Iragorri Correa

By Aurelio Iragorri Correa
Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of Colombia

The best of Colombia to the world

By Aurelio Irragori Valencia, secretary of Agriculture

Today, Colombia is a different country. We stopped being an attractive project to become a tangible reality which, more than ever, offers now immense opportunities. One of these great attractions is the fact that, due to the effort of peasants and businessmen, we are recognized as one of the main pantries of the world.

In order to seize the momentum of Colombian agriculture, Expo Milano 2015 represents an unbeatable showcase for the world to know the products, flavors and strengths our country has to offer. This year, the fair promotes the concept “Feeding the planet, energy for life”, and in consequence, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development works as the main ally for Procolombia, the entity leading the country’s participation on this global event.

Expo Milano will begin on the first May and it will close its doors on October 31st in Milano, Italy, but it will be between June 11th and 25th when assistants, governments and international business-world representatives will be able to know the competitive advantages of Colombia’s agricultural and fish-farming sector, in terms of innovation, productivity, sustainability and modernity.

It is quite meaningful to be considerate the pantry of the world, but how can we also be the supplier of those food products? Because the fact is that Colombia is living now a privileged time to increase its production, it enjoys new lands in order to extend its agricultural boundaries, and also conditions to improve the productivity per hectare while still respecting the environment, great water resources, healthy soils, every climate possible and many people with agricultural tradition and vocation.

Colombian peace is seeded in the countryside, that is why our peasants are our main focus and we work for them every day here at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Colombia cares about its countryside like never before and this is an opportunity we will not miss. Consequently, every effort is being invested from the national government in order to foster the productive development of our country.

We decided to bet on our Agricultural sector and certainly Expo Milano will become one of the greatest platforms to boost business for our exotic traditional products and for those improving its relevance due to its energetic and nutritional content. Similarly, it will be a favorable scenario where we will be able to foster foreign investment and to achieve alliances in terms of technical and financial cooperation, which will allow us to seize all our agricultural and industrial potential.

Inasmuch as we expand these possibilities, we guarantee that our sector will remain competitive and we will reach a sustainable growth. We are working as a team: government, private sector, academics, civil society and the international community, in order to achieve a real transformation of the countryside and to seize the international commercial treaties signed by the country.

Colombian countryside is “Energy for Life”. And we will demonstrate it to the world at Expo Milano 2015, from within Colombia‘s pavilion, facing more than 140 countries and international organizations, and hosting more than 20 million visitors from every corner of the world, and we will be leading protagonists.

Certainly, this is the best opportunity to show the world how our country is transforming itself to become modern, sustainable and profitable. A place which offers the best of our fish-farming, agricultural, fishing and forest products, our experience and alternatives, in a wide range offer of healthy and safe food products, always produced with immense love from our peasants in every region of the country. Welcome and enjoy the flavors of Colombia’s countryside!

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