Colombia has fertile lands, five thermal floors, a mega-diverse territory and invaluable water deposits, but for being a naturally sustainable country it needed a little bit more. That is why Colombia learned to take advantage of those resources in th best possible way while it develops strategies to preserve them. Furthermore, is capable of transfoming them into high quality products and exploring innovative ways to commercialize them effectively so that they can be shared with the planet. 

For those reasons, Colombia has chosen this concept for Expo Milano 2015, and it shows how those characteristics altogether turn Colombia into the answer to global nutrition problems.



The architectural concept, proposed by Manuel Villa Architects and designed in Milano by Studio Cardenas Conscious Design –the studio that also created the theme statement–, holds the innovation and sustainability seals, both for its conception and construction materials. Colombia's pavilion is the representation of the thermal floors and its four units were inspired by the Andean mountain ranges, they symbolize land elevations and the weathers that can be found in them. Its design considers, apart from several spaces to advertise Colombian products and to generate business networks, a great experience which will allow visitors to travel through Colombia and to get a deeper knowledge of its treasures and possibilities.



The experience located on the second floor gets visitors to travel around Colombian thermal floors. Passing through diverse temperatures, sounds, odors and tastes, visitors discover the touristic and cultural wealth of Colombia, as well as its commercial potential, its people's inventiveness and, above all, its ability in being naturally sustainable. 

Through its mega-diverse fauna and flora, the appropriate use of leading-edge technologies, its commercial achievements and the majesty of its material and immaterial patrimony, visitors will verify that each thermal floor in the country has a lot to offer.


Virtual Tour

To traverse the rooms and halls of Colombia's pavilion is an unforgettable experience. We have designed this virtual tour for everyone to have access and explore the wonderful Colombian wealth, no matter where you are.