A naturally sustainable country

Imagine a country with almost 114 million hectares, 70% of which are used for agricultural activities. Now, garnish it with three mountain ranges and two oceans, a fact that makes possible to enjoy almost every climate on the planet. Then, invite more than 54,000 flora and fauna species to inhabit it, creating the most bio-diverse country per square meter in the world. Don't forget: this country is so unique that eight of its most wonderful landscapes have been declared as UNESCO’s Mankind Heritage. At Expo Milano 2015 you can see how Colombia turns this paradise into reality.

Imagine that you walk through its trails, climb its mountains, sail its rivers, explore its oceans and enjoy its culture, without caring about seasons, since the climate of its lands depends just on the height of that particular place. You would be traveling around a natural paradise with almost 3 million hectares of moorlands, with 58 protected natural areas –more than 14 million hectares– and with 5 river basins that nurture hundreds of rivers that flow throughout the whole country.

Finally, please add to this territory its happy and thriving people. This people learned to take advantage of their resources; they learned to transform their raw materials into high quality products in order to satisfy not only their needs but the needs of dozens of countries in the world.

These people takes advantage of the sun, the soil, the wind and the water to produce energy. People that plan to invest 8 million dollars in creating more than 3.000 kilometers of last-generation inter-provinces highways. These people make the most of their airports and seaports, from which they export more than 130 million tons of products to all latitudes in the planet.

Think of people with diverse cultures and creeds, as diverse as the nature of each of its thermal floors, who have gained the global economy’s confidence and support, to the point where 10 current commerce agreements have been signed, as meaningful as the Pacific Alliance. Please do not forge to include, as well, a key component of inventiveness that allowed them to implement cutting-edge technologies and lead the vanguard of digital developments within the region.

Do you already have a clue of how this mega-diverse paradise would look like?

At Expo Milano 2015, Colombia not only demonstrates that it is a dream come true, but also that it is naturally sustainable and can produce healthy and abundant food to nourish the planet.