Teach and learn

This is a setting designed for teachers who want to discover Colombia along with their students. All the necessary information about Colombian thermal floors is here, so that teachers and students can travel throughout the different weathers. This trip will help them understand why Colombia is such a wealthy country, full of food and water resources, and willing to protect and share these resources with the rest of the world.

There are three components intended to make teaching and learning processes much more fun! First, you will find an informative guide containing key facts about Colombia. Then, you will find a workshop to transfer knowledge in an efficient and seductive way. Finally, you, as a teacher, will have a fun task for your students to fulfill and give an entertaining closure to your teaching process. Download now the three components, enjoy them and share them with your students!

Colombia and its richness

A trip through the five thermal floors of Colombia



Dear teachers: The following is a wonderful tool you can use to inspire your students and invite them to dream with a better world, by crossing both mental and geographical borders.



For students to actually live what Colombia is, they will explore Colombia’s thermal floors and they’ll learn how are their cities built, what is the smell of their fruits and what is the taste of their typical cuisine.