Expo 2015

History of World Expositions

Since 1851, when the first Universal Exposition took place in London, those events have sought to open a window for the countries to show its best progresses in terms of science, technology and architecture. Since then, every universal exposition has tried to leave a material –or immaterial- imprint that would last in time and would lay the foundations to transform the planet. 34 events of this nature have taken place, if we count the 2015 edition, which will be hosted in Milano.


Colombia in other Expos

The first Colombian participation at a Universal Exposition, which was represented by some products that José Jerónimo Triana took to Paris, was far too distant from the protagonist participation of the national pavilion at the last edition in Shanghai. Since then, the country has gradually acquired a greater role in the expositions, both universal and international, and it always sought to highlight the strengths and opportunities Colombia has to offer.


Teach and learn

This is a setting designed for teachers who want to discover Colombia along with their students. All the necessary information about Colombian thermal floors is here, so that teachers and students can travel throughout the different weathers. This trip will help them understand why Colombia is such a wealthy country, full of food and water resources, and willing to protect and share these resources with the rest of the world.